Rightsizing Solutions For You!Rightsizing Solutions For You!Rightsizing Solutions For You!Rightsizing Solutions For You!Rightsizing Solutions For You!

Rightsizing Solutions For You!

Retirees are often faced with the decision of changing their current living situation.

Regardless of the reason, rightsizing is about creating a living environment that enhances your life for the better!  

We are determined to change the retirement lifestyle experience, intergrating active living within fullly accessible living environments that reward the later years in life.

Our Services Include:

  • Free consultation
  • Help sell your current home
  • Identify your rightsizing plan
  • Coordination of services
  • Renovate your current home
  • Fully accessible new home options
  • Adult Lifestyle Communities
  • Learning about the Life Lease model´╗┐

The Life Lease model, which is similar to the typical condominium model, allows residents at Pottawatomi Gardens and Ninth Avenue Estates to have the right to sell of their home at any time at current market value.

Under the Life Lease format, residents purchase a Life Lease interest in their new home, at market value. They have complete use of their home for as long as they wish and access to all shared common amenities and facilities. 

As real estate market values increase over time, so do Life Lease models.  This allows residents to protect their investments and increase equity, which similar to owning a typical freehold home.  There are hundreds of Life Lease developments in Ontario, so this  proves that Life Lease formats are keeping up with local real estate markes.  

Sound Lifestyles has embraced the Life Lease model and is determined to make it widely known throughout the Ontario real estate markets.

Register with us or contact us to learn more about our Rightsizing services!

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